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tape temperature recorder

This tape temperature control system is frequently used in the logistics of any product being sensitive to temperature differences.

It provides permanent and definitive recording of transport conditions with quick and direct reading of data on the recording tape.

usb temperature logger

The USB temperature recorder allows you to accurately
note the temperature differences that may have occurred during the import or export journey.
It can be directly read by connecting it to a USB port.

temperature and humidity recorder

This temperature and humidity recorder is ideal in any situation requiring the monitoring of relative humidity (RH) such as transport, transfer and storage. With its integrated digital humidity sensor, it has been designed to measure and record non-condensing relative humidity from 10% to 100% at a temperature of -30 ° C.

TT Geo Eagle Geolocation system

The TempTale® GEO Eagle data logger is a system that allows the tracking of your goods during the sea voyage.

It is cheap and gives you information in real time on thetime, temperature and location.

humidity management

humidity absorber

Desiccants in trays reduce and stabilize the humidity contained in the air inside the container. They have a high absorption capacity of up to 4 times their original weight and are easy to install thanks to their suspension system.

absorgel hanging

AbsorGel® Hanging uses the capacity of calcium chloride to absorb humidity contained in the air in an extremely efficient way. The absorbed water is stored under the form of a gel : this process thus eliminates any risk of leak inside the container.


Absorpole® uses the capacity of calcium chloride to efficiently absorb the humidity contained in the air. 

The water thus captured is stored in a tank designed to prevent any dispersion.

Absorpole® is easy to use and designed to take a minimum space while offering maximum efficiency.

desiccant sachet

Belonging to the family of humidity absorbers, this product is very efficient for drying up and repelling any form of humidity or condensation inside closed packages such as cartons, wooden cases, tubes, etc.).

It is often used to avoid :

  • Fermentation, mold
  • Corrosion of metals
  • Condensation

the protection

Tarpaulin for Open-Top containers

Whenever you need to protect your cargo inside an open top container, you need to use a specifically adapted tarpaulin. This tarpaulin covers the open roof of the container and protects your cargo from bad weather and indiscreet eyes.

retention bag

This item is a high density film allowing the retention of any liquids that could damage the container floor in the event of leakage.

This film is designed as a secure retention bag fastened to the upper lashing rings of the container so that the cargo can be loaded either from the top when an opentop container is needed or from the door for a dry unit.

lashing and securing

retention tarpaulin

The retention tarpaulin is a protection device meant to ensure the safety of the operational staff by preventing packages from falling down when opening the doors during the unloading operation at destination, or even during the «pick up» of different lots loaded into a consolidated container.

It can also be a means to separate and identify the different lots inside a container.

20’/30’/40’/40HC bulk liner + bars

This liner allows you to load cargoes in BULK (cereals, powders, granules and others) into maritime containers. Easy to install, it can be installed by the shipper himself or any other party.

reusable securing cushion

During transport, your fragile goods can slip and be damaged. You can protect them with our Turbo securing cushions. These air bags have been specially designed to provide optimum safety throughout the transport.

These bags secure your goods, resist shocks and always keep their original shape. They are easy to handle and offer an economical solution to the safety of your goods.

telescopic bar

The adjustable grab bar is a telescopic bar that allows you to secure your parcels horizontally or vertically inside a container (dry or refrigerated).

Easily installed thanks to its slide handle, the desired length can be adjusted before tightening.

reefer hook

Our electro-galvanized steel reefer hook slides into the T bar floors and locks itself where wanted by screwing the eyelet.

A strap can thus be inserted to ensure the proper securing of your goods.

the "click" strap

As part of its lashing and securing range of equipments, BJServices can provide its 5 ton resistant ratchet (or “click”) sets of straps of 9.50 m in lenghth fitted for both container use (J hook) or trucks (U hook).

Also available in several dimensions / formats

Ratchet car lashing strap (1 part)

Car lashing straps are easy to use and allow quick and efficient anchoring.

All you have to do is form a loop by passing the strap through the lashing ring of the container and through the rim of the vehicle to prevent it from moving. Then adjust the tightening as needed with the ratchet (coming in addition to securing wood).

lost-use lashing strap

The 2 T or 6 T lashing strap prevent your heavy loads from moving around during transport be it in containers or trucks.

Sold per linear meter, you can optimize its utilization by cutting it according to your needs.

Adapted loops and hooks are also available to complete the installation, securing and tightening required.

Loops and hooks for lost-use straps

Lashing loops are essential for tightening and maintaining the straps on parcels to be stabilized during transport.

Easy to use, it is the most common way of securing cargoes when the ratchet straps do not suit for the format or the hook.

slip sheet

The Compact Fiber Slip Sheets are the winning solution to reduce your manual loading times by allowing bulk cargo palletizing.

bubble wrap

Anti-static or classic,

1m x 150m, 1,5m x 100m

the packaging

palletizing film

BJServices offers a wide range of palletizing films :

Machine : CAST and technique film

Manual : CAST film – transparent or black

cardboard dividers

The range of cardboard dividers is composed of 2 different product quality levels :

  • The standard range: 800×1200 mm – 1000×1200 mm – DC (10 or 20 mm)
  • The reinforced range: 800×1200 mm – 1000×1200 mm (3mm)

pe pallet cap

1200×1400 mm and 1400×1600 mm, 30μ


Section: 35×35 mm – 60×60 mm – 75×75 mm up to 2400 mm side

strip reels

Polypro / PE and textile :
Available in different widths


BJServices offers a wide range of adhesives to meet all of your needs :
_ packaging adhesives
_ repositionable double-sided adhesives
_ canvas adhesives in different colors
_ high adhesion aluminum adhesives
_ adhesive foam
_ custom adhesives on request
_ strapping adhesives

euro pallets

PWood pallets (ISPM15 treated or not), plastic pallets.

big bag

Dimensions and average loads: 950 * 950 mm, 1250kg
Available in several versions and can be produced
according to specific requirement terms.