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Anti-theft BJ Block

«BJ BLOCK» system is provided with 3 non reproducible keys. Resistant to 12T of pressure, its use is highly recommended for the export of goods with high added value such as wines and spirits.

Several BJ Blocks that can be opened with the same key can also be provided.

Anti-theft handle with slide

Lighter and more economical than the BJ Block although still very resistant.

Composed of 2 robust metal bars secured by a padlock which can only be opened using 3 keys. Adjusts to container bars, thus meeting international ISO standards.


Reliable blocking system for container doors which secures the closing bars. The fork is drilled in a regular way in order to fix the security seal as precisely as possible, thus preventing the doors of the container from being opened without having cut the blocking bar.

Single use anti-theft handle

The BJServices anti-theft handle is a non-reusable antitheft system. It is intended for transport by container or truck, only composed of 2 solid metal bars secured to each other by a seal which can only be removed by using an electric disc. Breaking resistance of 3.5 tons.

bottle-type bjseal

The BJSEAL «bottle» type seal is approved by international Customs Authorities thanks to the ISO PASS standard 17712-2013. Any break-in attempt will irremediably damage the “bottle”seal. It is designed in consecutive numbering in order to facilitate the traceability of each stuffing operation.

cable seal

This seal can be installed on all types of containers, chassis, chains, cords, doors, . and is ISO PAS 17712 approved for the provided cable of 3,5 mm in diameter. It can be adjusted by pulling on the cable once it has been inserted into the specially designed blocking part. After tightening, the cable can no longer be removed unless cut.

Easytight plastic seal

This adjustable plastic seal will allow you to secure your sachets, bags, or even your transport (tarpaulin trucks, tanks, containers). As it must be cut to be removed, you can rest assured that no access to the protected aperture will have been made possible if it is still there.

chassis anti-theft

This lock is very easy to install and will protect your semitrailer from being stolen by preventing its illegal coupling. After installation, it is impossible to separate this protection from the coupling pin. Made of painted steel, no maintenance will be required.

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